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“This isn’t normal behavior for Valentine, Nebraska’’

Police in Valentine, Nebraska, have arrested a man “suspected” (the cops caught him in the act) of leaving greasy prints of his butt, and other portions of his anatomy, coated with lotion or Vasoline, on store, school and church windows. Townsfolk have dubbed him the “butt bandit” for his efforts which began in 2007.

A police spokesperson was quoted as saying, “This isn’t normal behavior for Valentine, Nebraska.’’ Well, I hope not.

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Awww…ain’t he cute?

A 20 year old student jumped over a fence at the zoo in Guilin to give a panda a cuddle. Apparently he forgot to tell the panda first and the startled panda bit him and sent him to the hospital.

“Yangyang [the panda] was so cute and I just wanted to cuddle him,” Mr Liu was quoted as saying from his hospital bed.

via News.com.au

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The Grinch is alive and well in Daytona Beach


The city of Daytona Beach, Florida, has banned Santa from walking up and down a street handing out candy canes and dispensing Ho Ho Ho’s to passersby. According to code enforcement officials Santa is an animated sign which is illegal in Daytona Beach. The store owner that sponsors the jolly old elf has been sent a warning that she will be fined if Santa is still there come Monday morning.

Did I mention that this has been going on for several years with no problem? Apparently code enforcement didn’t want to rush into anything.

via WFTV Orlando

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File under “Really Strange Email”

This came in the email at my personal address about a half hour ago.

Good day.I am  Rev A.Johnson i will like to order some Guitars from
your shop.I will like to know if you have them in stock and also i
will like to know the types that you have  and the price ranges.I will
like to hear from you as soon as possible.May the good Lord be with

Best Of Regards
Rev A.Johnson

The grammar and use of the English language sound like a typical Nigerian scam note but I don’t see the scam. Maybe that happens after you respond. Guess I’ll never know because I don’t plan to answer. Suspicious mind you see.

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Newborn flying high…33,000 feet high

Finnair says a Swedish woman gave birth to a girl 33,000 feet over Kazakhstan on a flight from Bangkok to Helsinki.

The Finnish national carriers spokesman Christer Haglund says mother and baby are fine. They were met at the airport by a medical team.

Two doctors and two nurses were among the 227 passengers on the 11-hour flight aboard the MD-11 aircraft. They assisted the birth Thursday with the aid of a satellite link to a medical service.

via News- msnbc.com

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Right place, right time

A student opera singer telephoned for a last-minute concert ticket and was instead offered a lead role.

Adriano Graziani, 32, was asked if he would stand in for the tenor who had fallen ill with a cold, reports The Times. He had called up for tickets to a gala concert last month by the Welsh National Opera at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

He had less than two hours to remind himself of the scores and make his way to the venue for a last-minute rehearsal. And his performance was so well-received that he has been asked to perform a lead role with the WNO in a production of La Bohème next year.

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They’re baaaack…

The Pied Piper might be needed again in Hamelin – because the rats are back. An abandoned allotment site on the edge of the German town has become a haven for rats, reports the BBC.

According to legend, in 1284 Hamelin – called Hameln in Germany – was infested with rats but a Pied Piper lured them out of town by playing a pipe.

Next year the town plans to mark the 725th anniversary of the Pied Piper conquering the plague, with various events including a huge children’s procession.

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I bet they dog paddle

Two sheepdogs have become honorary members of a Chinese swimming club. Four-year-old Paris and her six-month-old pup Carlo swim at least 5km each day in the Jialing River in Chongqing, reports the Chongqing Morning Post.

The dogs are now the most popular members of the city winter swimming team – and even have their own shower cubicle.

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…Only a bird in a gilded cage…except no gilding


A Chinese family built a giant birdcage for themselves to sit inside in their backyard. The 16ft high cage has a table and four chairs for people to sit on , reports the People’s Daily.

It sits behind the home of Zhu Hu at the foot of Yuhuang mountain, a local beauty spot, in Hangzhou. Zhu says his hobby of keeping birds gave him the inspiration to make a human-sized cage for his family and friends to relax in.

“It feels very secure and happy spending time inside the birdcage. And also it lets us realise how birds must feel,” he said.

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Eight frogs

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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For sure!

Oxford University has compiled a list of what they regard as the ten most irritating phrases in common use today. (Wait a couple of years and they will be different.) So, of course, I couldn’t resist trying to use all of them. Here goes:

At the end of the day, while they have done a fairly unique job of it, I, personally, at this moment in time, and with all due respect, absolutely believe that it’s a nightmare that shouldn’t of been done and the fact that it isn’t rocket science and that Oxford took the time to do this will bother me 24/7 .

Ta Da!

Anyway, here’s the list.

1 – At the end of the day

2 – Fairly unique

3 – I personally

4 – At this moment in time

5 – With all due respect

6 – Absolutely

7 – It’s a nightmare

8 – Shouldn’t of

9 – 24/7

10 – It’s not rocket science

via Telegraph

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“…Columbus sailed all over the world until he found Ohio.”

Some people collect sports memorabilia, or rare coins, or sea shells from the beach at Ocean City. Wilson Watson collects sentences. He taught local community college students for 35 years and has now slipped gently into retirement. But his students’ sentences trail behind him like ship’s anchors, evidence of the sinking of American writing skills.

Or, as one of Watson’s scholars wrote so succinctly: “Some people use bad language and is not even aware of the fact.”

…Watson taught English at Catonsville Community College — now the Catonsville branch of the Community College of Baltimore County — and through the years was occasionally amused and sometimes appalled at his students’ writing. Eventually, he started jotting down their sentences and holding onto them.

“Understand,” he says, “this is not just Catonsville I’m talking about. Through the years, I’d talk with colleagues all over the state. They all had the same stories. We’d ask each other, ‘What’s happened to writing? What’s happened to language?’”

You want more examples? How about these beauties:

• “The person was an innocent by standard, who just happened to be the victim of your friend’s careless responsibility.”

• “Society has moved toward cereal killers.”

• “Romeo and Juliet exchanged their vowels.”

• “Willie Loman put Biff on a petal stool.”

There’s more at  www.baltimoreexaminer.com

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Riding high is a no-no

A Glens Falls [New York] man who was arrested Thursday night in connection with charges that he had a safe full of pot stolen from his home was charged [again]early Saturday when police found him driving downtown on a riding lawnmower while under the influence of marijuana, police said.

Donald L. Johnson, 42, of Ridge Street, drew police scrutiny because he had a man riding on the hood of the tractor as he crossed Glen Street near South Street at 12:09 a.m., said Glens Falls Police Sgt. Keith Knoop. Glens Falls Police Officer Seth French approached the men, and found that Johnson appeared intoxicated and admitted he had smoked marijuana, Knoop said. So he was charged with driving while ability impaired DWAI by drugs, a misdemeanor, and issued 10 traffic tickets, Knoop said.

via PostStar.com

The rest of the tickets are listed in the article at the link. And the guy riding on the hood of the lawnmower? He was ticketed too…for not wearing a seat belt.

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Miraculous image of Jesus? Nope, it’s a child on the man’s knee.


You’ll probably think it’s just a crude hoax from bygone days. But look again, carefully. This is not a hoax at all. What the photo actually shows is a child sitting on the man’s knee.

Block out the head’s “hair.” That’s just a collection of foliage in the background. The “eye” is the face the child, shadowed by a large white bonnet. The “nose” is the sleeve of the child’s shirt. And the “mustache” is the child’s arm, bent at the elbow.

Be patient. It may take you awhile to see this.

via Our Strange World

In case you still don’t see it, look here.


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Are You Thirsty?


In more than half the countries in the world, some of them the poorest, thirstiest, and most crowded, the air is humid enough to yield huge amounts of precious water. The atmosphere contains 4 to 25 grams of water vapor per cubic meter, while the WaterMill can change 10% to 40% of that to liquid. Water vapor is constantly replenished by Earth’s natural cycle, so extracting water from the air can continue indefinitely without impacting local ecosystems.

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Swiped from Pearls Before Swine…the best comic strip ever


Pearls Before Swine

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A bitter ale for bitter times?


As central bankers try to prop up an ailing global economy with financial bailouts, a tiny Western Canadian brewery has stepped into the battle with what it bills as a recession-fighting ale.

Howe Sound Brewery began selling Bailout Bitter at its pub in Squamish, British Columbia, on Wednesday, and is awaiting permission to begin selling bottles of the brew in stores in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

Howe Sound co-owner Leslie Fenn said the ale, which is similar to a British extra special bitter, was an attempt to inject some humour into tough economic times. It carries the slogan “A bitter ale for bitter times.”

In keeping with the tight financial times, it will be sold at a lower price than the brewery’s other ales.

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The oldest joke?

Monty Python’s famous Dead Parrot sketch was based on one written 1,600 years ago in Ancient Greece.

Historians have revealed it is in the world’s oldest joke book – entitled Philogelos, or The Lover of Laughter, reports The Sun.

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