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Crime tip: The internet is an unreliable source of cunning crime plans


Three young Bedford Heights, Ohio, women learned the hard way that you can’t always rely on what you find on the internet when they found, printed and followed instructions for “Six Easy Steps To Committing Armed Robbery.” Armed with the instructions and a BB gun and wearing masks they entered a Dollar Tree where the manager convinced them that he couldn’t open the safe. Upon hearing that they left the Dollar Tree, the manager called the cops and the wannabe  Dillingers were arrested less then a mile away by police with drawn, and real, guns. They must have missed Step 5 which advised avoiding the police.

Because they had a gun, even though it was an unloaded BB gun, they will be charged with aggravated robbery with a gun, a serious felony.

via WKYC.com | Cleveland, OH

December 12, 2008 - Posted by | Dumb Crook | ,

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