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That first step? Careful. It’s 165 feet deep.

A mine-shaft as deep as Nelson’s Column has opened in the garden of a West Yorkshire cottage.

Mark and Susan Gilbert watched in horror as the hole appeared just steps away from their back door.

The couple heard a “loud creaking” moments before their patio collapsed into the pitch-black chasm, reports the Daily Telegraph.

When the smoke finally cleared, they were left with a giant hole measuring 15ft across – and 165ft deep.

via hole opens up in back garden.

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Irony redefined

Some health department workers in southern Illinois think they may have discovered some contaminated food – at their own office Christmas gathering.

After the Lawrence County Health Department had a buffet for 72 people at a restaurant last week, 42 of the attendees suffered stomach problems, including the head of the department, Phyllis Wells.

More at  News from The Associated Press.

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Old Man Winter in Lake Stevens, Washington

The entire Northwest has had more than a nodding acquaintance with Winter the last week, with more to come, but this picture from KOMO TV in Seattle looks like Old Man Winter took a personal interest in this Lake Stevens (near Seattle) house. It’s apparently a natural ice formation, not a carving.


More here

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Buying a ticket would have been less costly

An international student [from Nigeria] offered police $50,000 to “forget what happened” when he was caught on a Brisbane train without a ticket, which would have cost $3.80.

Jehoiachin Onyins Ogbe, 25, ended up on bribery charges for offering police $50,000 after they caught him evading a $3.80 train fare.

He will also be deported from the country for overstaying his visa, the Brisbane District Court heard today.

More via The Courier-Mail.

$50,000? Where does a student get $50,000? Of course he is from Nigeria…

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