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A very small part of the Stevens Pass ski area


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Up a tree…literally


A 20 year old Chinese man was repairing slates on his roof when a sudden strong gust of wind blew him off the roof and into the top of a 45 foot tree where he dangled with both arms and both legs hanging down until firemen arrived to rescue him. Unfortunately they didn’t have a ladder long enough to reach him and so they tied two ladders together and climbed up after him. Twenty minutes after the firemen got there they had him safely on the ground, unhurt but frightened.

via Wind blows man up tree.

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Ghost picture? You judge.


Good ghost photos are hard to come by, and we always have to view them with a skeptical eye since it’s so easy to create fakes nowadays. However, there were a few intriguing ghost photos snapped this year that are worthy of attention. The best of them might be the ghost of Tewin Bury Farm, taken by designer Neil Sandbach while trying to get a photo for some wedding stationery.

via Top Paranormal Events of 2008.

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