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Santa’s baby, Eartha Kitt, has died at age 81


Eartha Kitt, who purred and pounced her way across Broadway stages, recording studios and movie and television screens in a show-business career that lasted more than six decades, died on Thursday. She was 81 and lived in Connecticut.

More at   International Herald Tribune.

December 25, 2008 - Posted by | People


  1. Eartha Kitt seemed to live a fuller life than most people ever manage to do.. and it was so funny to find out that she was a voice in “The Emperor’s New Groove”

    Comment by coffee buzz | January 3, 2009

  2. Surely one of my favorites. I once saw her put down a heckler without the slightest bit of nastiness. The guy, young, was sitting in the front row and she just came down off the stage walked up and put her her face inches from his, gave that throaty purr and sang him a love song. I’ve never seen a more uncomfortable, embarrassed and squirming guy. Beautiful.

    Comment by oldstersview | January 4, 2009

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