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Crime tip: When robbing a bank don’t leave your name and address

Authorities say a Cary [Illinois] man escaped a Chicago bank heist Friday with nearly $400 cash. But he also left something behind: A pay stub listing his name and address.

Now Thomas Infante, 40, is facing a federal bank robbery charge alleging he held up the Fifth Third Bank at 4071 W. Lawrence Ave. by handing over a note implying he had a weapon and threatening harm if his demands were not met.

…After receiving $397 cash, the robber fled, leaving behind the note which had been written on the back of a pay stub that had been torn in half. Investigators later discovered the other half of the pay stub, listing Infante’s name and Cary address, just outside the bank’s front doors “apparently discarded by Infante as he was fleeing,” the FBI said.

via Daily Herald

December 29, 2008 - Posted by | Dumb Crook

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