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Another one: Watch that first step

This [Australian] cat fell 34 floors from a Runaway Bay penthouse and survived to see out the rest of his eight lives.

via  Local News – Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.


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A very small part of the Stevens Pass ski area


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Up a tree…literally


A 20 year old Chinese man was repairing slates on his roof when a sudden strong gust of wind blew him off the roof and into the top of a 45 foot tree where he dangled with both arms and both legs hanging down until firemen arrived to rescue him. Unfortunately they didn’t have a ladder long enough to reach him and so they tied two ladders together and climbed up after him. Twenty minutes after the firemen got there they had him safely on the ground, unhurt but frightened.

via Wind blows man up tree.

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Ghost picture? You judge.


Good ghost photos are hard to come by, and we always have to view them with a skeptical eye since it’s so easy to create fakes nowadays. However, there were a few intriguing ghost photos snapped this year that are worthy of attention. The best of them might be the ghost of Tewin Bury Farm, taken by designer Neil Sandbach while trying to get a photo for some wedding stationery.

via Top Paranormal Events of 2008.

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That first step? Careful. It’s 165 feet deep.

A mine-shaft as deep as Nelson’s Column has opened in the garden of a West Yorkshire cottage.

Mark and Susan Gilbert watched in horror as the hole appeared just steps away from their back door.

The couple heard a “loud creaking” moments before their patio collapsed into the pitch-black chasm, reports the Daily Telegraph.

When the smoke finally cleared, they were left with a giant hole measuring 15ft across – and 165ft deep.

via hole opens up in back garden.

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Irony redefined

Some health department workers in southern Illinois think they may have discovered some contaminated food – at their own office Christmas gathering.

After the Lawrence County Health Department had a buffet for 72 people at a restaurant last week, 42 of the attendees suffered stomach problems, including the head of the department, Phyllis Wells.

More at  News from The Associated Press.

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Old Man Winter in Lake Stevens, Washington

The entire Northwest has had more than a nodding acquaintance with Winter the last week, with more to come, but this picture from KOMO TV in Seattle looks like Old Man Winter took a personal interest in this Lake Stevens (near Seattle) house. It’s apparently a natural ice formation, not a carving.


More here

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Buying a ticket would have been less costly

An international student [from Nigeria] offered police $50,000 to “forget what happened” when he was caught on a Brisbane train without a ticket, which would have cost $3.80.

Jehoiachin Onyins Ogbe, 25, ended up on bribery charges for offering police $50,000 after they caught him evading a $3.80 train fare.

He will also be deported from the country for overstaying his visa, the Brisbane District Court heard today.

More via The Courier-Mail.

$50,000? Where does a student get $50,000? Of course he is from Nigeria…

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Global Warming strikes Las Vegas


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Ho Ho Ho! (Repeat 240 times.)

Michael Huffman believes. He believes in the spirit of Santa Claus. He believes in the Christmas story. He believes in cozy feeling he gets when the radio slips into its Christmas rotation and the lights appear in the windows of homes he passes on his way to work at Hickory Business Furniture.

Huffman has lights, too. There’s a candle and a wreath in each window, glowing Christmas statues in the yard and flowerbeds draped in white fabric to look like snow. The mailbox says North Pole. The real sight is inside, where he spends two weeks carefully placing more than 240 stuffed, ceramic, plastic and wooden likenesses of Santa Claus in his Victorian den, his country kitchen, the bedroom with a European flair and the beach-themed hallway, where a Santa doll wears red swimming trunks and his black boots.

More at Claus collector boasts more than 240 Santas.

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Gee, I hope they publish the recipe…

Nuns who own a New York City apartment house have filed a lawsuit saying a tenant couple is stinking up the building with “horrible” food smells “similar to that of vomit or rotten meat.” The lawsuit by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inc. says Gloria and Michael Lim are causing “foul and harmful odors” to come from their 16th floor apartment by cooking and smoking large quantities of fish.

Court papers said one tenant thought a dead body was decomposing in the East 19th Street apartment and called the Fire Department.

via Pawtucket Times

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One brick too many


vis Jalopnik

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Beer lovers mourn


A sea of green glass bottles fills the lanes as Grolsch beer runs in streams
down the highway…

A woman driving a car, swerved out of her lane and into the path of a Molson beer truck, causing the truck to roll over and the car to flip. One officer described the scene as “a sea of beer”.


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Darwin was a Theologian

There are many who oppose theologians as having any ability to speak on matters of science, even in cases where such theologians also have scientific background and training. The opposition is especially great against theologians who defend the Biblical account of creation and show that science supports faith in God.

It would surprise many to know that Charles Darwin, the founder of modern evolutionary theory, was not a scientist but a theologian. Darwin only had a divinity degree and no formal training in the sciences.

via Pravda.Ru

The father of modern genetics, Mendel, was a theologian too.

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Attention Naomi and Geoff: Look up.

“It was duskish. I saw a ball of bright white light with golden-yellowish edges about 20 feet above my head,” recalled Andrew Ulery of his encounter with a glowing orb on Park Street, when he was a freshman in high school. “It was following me for about a full minute, until I reached the bridge that crosses the railroad.” Visitors to Exeter [New Hampshire] have reported observing a pyramid of lights above this section of the railroad tracks.

Ulery, the black-bearded manager of the Loaf and Ladle, who is seldom separated from a sporty cap, said the “ball of lightning” was about the size of a basketball and he remembered “being glad I didn’t scuff my feet – that lightning thing.”

As Ulery reached the bridge, the object “just took off” and he recalled a “surreal feeling” and being mesmerized by it.

via Our Strange World.

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Deep sleeper? Nope. Dead.

Police officers discovered a dead Pole in the back seat of a van on Thursday morning, during a routine check near the town of Pomellen on the Polish border in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The three other men in the van said that they had been trying to wake their 56-year-old companion for some time, and had not realised he was dead. A native of the small town of Gryfino, the man had apparently been drinking heavily on the journey.

via The Local.

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“This is a stick (up)!

An innovative stick up man robbed a Gainesville gas station by displaying a tree branch he had hidden under his shirt and claiming to have a gun.

He was quickly arrested nearby.

via The Gainesville Sun

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They may be icy but Anley, Iowa, streets smell good

The streets of Anley, Iowa, are not only well salted but they smell good too thanks to the 9 tons of garlic salt donated to the city by Tone’s Spice Company. A city road department spokesman said, “We’ll take salt wherever we can get it.”  There are some drawbacks though. One sanding/salt truck driver said his dog jumped up on his lap and started licking his pants and another said he wanted to order a steak and baked potato.


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Want fries with that?

Looking to beef up your mojo this holiday season?

Burger King Corp. may have just the thing. The home of the Whopper has launched a new men’s body spray called “Flame.” The company describes the spray as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

The fragrance is on sale at New York City retailer Ricky’s NYC in stores and online for a limited time for $3.99.

via KING5.com

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Global warming? Not in Seattle, Portland or Spokane

The snow was a day late, but it arrived dramatically in Seattle on Thursday, swirling down amid lightning and thunder to snarl traffic and close schools for tens of thousands of students.

Heavy snow fell on most of Washington, with the National Weather Service predicting frigid temperatures into next week, along with more snow possible by the weekend.

On the other side of the state, traffic around Spokane was at a standstill Thursday morning after about 20 inches of snow fell in the previous 24 hours. Police said most streets were impassable and motorists should stay home. Schools and most government offices were closed and garbage pickup was suspended.

via Seattle- msnbc.com.

Forecasts call for a day of clear and cold (10 degrees or below) followed by another big snow dump. Idaho and western Montana are also getting clobbered. Global warming is hiding itself really well in this part of the world and generally across the northern tier of states.

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