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You might want to clean out your garage

A classic Bugatti car, which gathered dust in a Tyneside garage for almost 50 years, may fetch up to £3m $4.35m when it goes under the hammer.

Relatives of reclusive Newcastle doctor Harold Carr found the 1937 Type 57S Atalante in a garage after he died.


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Spooks (not the CIA kind) in the temporary Obama Residence?


Across from the White House is a purported haunted house, which President-elect Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha will temporarily call home. The first family is expected to move into the storied Hay-Adams Hotel in the capital this weekend.

…The Hay-Adams is among the top-rated luxury hotels in the world, but it’s also allegedly home to a lingering resident, the ghost of Clover Adams, the wife of Henry Adams, a descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, who took her own life in 1885.

…Staff members say the fourth floor is her favorite place, the National Trust for Historic Preservation reports.

“Examples of staff experiences include unexplained opening and closing of locked doors of unoccupied rooms; clock radios mysteriously turning off and on; the sounds of a woman crying softly in a room or a stairwell; or a voice of a woman asking a housekeeper, ‘What do you want?’” the Trust reports.

via Our Strange World.

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Well, it was a nice trip anyway.

As a keen birdwatcher, Janet Davies thought nothing of travelling 1,000 miles to Norway to try and catch a glimpse of a rare snow bunting.

Unfortunately, however, the bird proved elusive during her trip, and Mrs Davies returned home – where she has found one sitting on her garden fence.

More at   Mail Online.

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£100bn overdraft…oops!

A student was stunned when his online banking statement showed him to be overdrawn by almost £100bn.

Donald Moffat, 38, from Ayrshire, said that his Barclays account was showing two separate withdrawals of £50bn.

The bank said a “technical error” was to blame and apologised, reports the BBC.

Mr Moffat said Barclays also offered £10 in compensation for the phone calls he had to make to resolve the error.

via  £100bn overdraft shock.

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