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Actually, abstract art itself is a joke on the “artsy crowd”

Is this a story of a child prodigy or a deliberate joke at the expense of the art world? In the curious case of Aelita Andre, it could be both of those things — or neither.

Back in October, Fitzroy commercial gallery director Mark Jamieson was asked by a Russian-born photographer whose work he represented to consider the work of another artist. Nikka Kalashnikova showed Jamieson some abstract paintings by an artist called Aelita Andre; Mr Jamieson liked what he saw and agreed to include it in a group show, alongside work by Kalashnikova and Julia Palenov (also a Russian) at his Brunswick Street Gallery later this month.

Mr Jamieson then started to promote the show, printing glossy invitations and placing ads in reputable magazines Art Almanac and Art Collector, in which the abstract work was featured. Only then did he discover a crucial fact about the new artist: Aelita Andre was Nikka Kalashnikova’s daughter, and she was then just 22 months old.

via My kid could paint that:

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Shoe bomb joke not funny apparently.

A Saint Louis man discovered that airlines have no sense of humor when he jokingly asked a flight attendant if she was the one who checked for shoe bombs. Within minutes federal agents had him in custody and whisked off the plane and plopped him into the St. Louis County jail where he got to cool his heels fpr three days.

Did I mention that alcohol was involved?

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