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Building materials going to pot

Cannabis could soon be going up in buildings rather than going up in smoke.

The hemp plant is one of six identified by Department of Primary Industries (DPI) scientists in Queensland [Australia] as a source of natural resin to reduce the building industry’s reliance on resins produced from fossil fuels…

Currently most resins and adhesives used in aerospace structures and in structural building materials are ultimately derived from crude oil.

via News.com.au.

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With less than three days before her ticket expired, Louise Malvey of Butte [Montana]  claimed a Wild Card jackpot worth $460,096 from the July 16 drawing.

The ticket was due to expire Friday, six months after the drawing. Malvey redeemed it Tuesday at Montana Lottery headquarters in Helena…

Malvey said she was moving and found the ticket.

via The Montana Standard

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She probably just wanted to see if he was hot

A Luzerne County [Wyoming] woman is facing an assault charge after allegedly impaling her boyfriend with a meat thermometer Sunday afternoon.

via The Times-Tribune.

The thermometer penetrated only about a half inch and the injury isn’t considered to be life threatening.

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“Land mine scare turns out to be bed warmer”


A police station in Bochum was evacuated after a woman brought in what she believed to be a land mine she had used as a doorstop for the last decade, authorities said on Wednesday. But the object turned out to be an antique bed warmer.

“There are events in the life of a policeman that bring beads of sweat to even the most experienced officer,” police said in a statement.

The 41-year-old woman hauled the 35-centimetre round metal object to the station in the boot of her car after a friend told her it looked like a land mine. She had found it in a forest and had been using it as a doorstop in her apartment since.

via  The Local.

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Darwin Award runnerup

A cemetery worker found bullets at a burial ground and discharged one by striking it with a metal punch, shooting himself in the arm, DeLand police said Friday.

Howard Sheppard, 30, of Deltona was treated for a bullet wound to the left arm at Florida Hospital DeLand, a police report states. The injury was not considered life-threatening.

via West Volusia News

Incidentally, it was a cartridge that he discharged, not a bullet. A bullet is the projectile. I can’t recall ever seeing a news item or a TV report where they got that right.

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Which came first…the chicken or the puppies?


A hen in China has reportedly shacked up with a dog to help raise its three newborn puppies. Owner Yang, of Anqian village in Fuqing, said the hen moved into the dog’s kennel after it gave birth last month, reports Southeast Express.

Since then, the hen refuses to leave the kennel, staying inside all day and only walking out when the dog is nursing its puppies.

Yang says the hen is very protective of the puppies and refuses to allow strangers to come close to the kennel.

via Ananova – Chicken helps dog raise puppies.

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A Wiltshire couple into Doctor Who and gardening combined their hobbies by converting a Tardis into an allotment shed.

Philippa Morgan and Declan McSweeney needed a new shed and decided to do “something different” after seeing a replica of the time machine up for auction. Now the blue police box is the envy of other allotment owners in Devizes – and the pair claim it really does seem bigger inside.

Their winning £202 bid was the second highest for the 10ft tall Tardis

via Ananova – Tardis lands in allotment.

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“Drink coffee, see dead people”

Heavy coffee drinkers are more likely to have hallucinations or feel “the presence of dead people”, according to new research.

A UK-based study quizzed 200 students on their caffeine intake and found those with the highest consumption were also more prone to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there.

Those who consumed a daily equivalent of seven cups of instant coffee or more – high caffeine users – were three times more likely to have extra-sensory experiences than low users, who had less than one cup daily.

The Durham University study took in all caffeine consumption including coffee but also tea, caffeinated energy drinks or chocolate bars and caffeine pills.

via  News.com.au

I thought it was called a caffeine buzz…

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From one of the best…Fred Allen


“I can’t understand why a person will take a year to write a novel when he can easily buy one for a few dollars.”

Fred Allen

US radio comedian (1894 – 1956)

via  The Quotations Page.

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