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A cemetery worker found bullets at a burial ground and discharged one by striking it with a metal punch, shooting himself in the arm, DeLand police said Friday.

Howard Sheppard, 30, of Deltona was treated for a bullet wound to the left arm at Florida Hospital DeLand, a police report states. The injury was not considered life-threatening.

via West Volusia News

Incidentally, it was a cartridge that he discharged, not a bullet. A bullet is the projectile. I can’t recall ever seeing a news item or a TV report where they got that right.

January 14, 2009 - Posted by | Dumb Stuff, Explosion

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  1. Also, because the cartridge was not in a gun barrel where the expanding gases where trapped and used to drive the bullet, the pressure on the bullet was greatly reduced so was probably much less dangerous that one fired from a gun.

    A similar situation occurs when ammo is in fire. The heat causes the cartridges to fire but the bullet is usually much heavier than the shell so the shell traveling backwards is possibly more dangerous that the bullet and both are probably non-lethal and not as much a concern as the evening news would have you believe.

    Comment by Russ | January 15, 2009

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