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Sasquatch hit? Probably not.

Several Internet sites are reporting a Sasquatch was injured, and captured, on a highway near the Cache Creek Natural Area [Canada] sometime after Christmas.

Reportedly, a man was following behind a pickup that hit the creature. Both drivers got out and found a that a large hairy creature laying in the road. It was described as having arms halfway down his legs and huge hands and feet and was walking upright before the guy hit it.

The report goes on to say the men loaded the creature, still alive, into the back of the pickup truck and taken to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police station.

via Our Strange World.

Unfortunately for the story, there is no RCMP station in Cache Creek and the RCMP says it didn’t happen. You have to wonder why people make up stories that are so easily disproven.

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Sometimes it’s good to be unconscious

A German man survived being run over by an express train when drunk – after he passed out between the tracks.

Jens Mauer, 41, who was five times over the drink drive limit, tried to cross the tracks at Brand, eastern Germany, just as the train thundered into the station.

But he collapsed on the sleepers and was so drunk the train passed over him as he lay comatose below.

via run over by train.

He was not seriously hurt.

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Down the rabbit hole.


A Chinese couple disappeared when a hole suddenly opened up in the pavement as they were taking a stroll.

The woman fell into a deep pit below Haiyan Street in Zhuhai but the man did not fall so far and managed to clamber out and call the police, reports Dayang Network.

Firefighters had to be called to rescue the woman when police officers realised the pit was at least 20 to 25ft deep and they couldn’t even see her. A crane was brought in to haul the woman out and had to be stationed a distance away because of the danger of more of the pavement collapsing.

via  hole in pavement.

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Assault with a deadly bagel


Authorities say a St. Petersburg [Florida] woman was charged with battery after hitting a man in the head with a bagel.

via  OrlandoSentinel.com.

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