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“Motorist’s wee mistake”

A driver stopped his car to answer a call of nature – and watched in horror as it slid over a cliff. Antonio Gallo, 50, had put on the handbrake but failed to notice he had parked on an ice-covered slope.

To make matters worse, his wife and children were in the passenger seats – but all escaped unharmed.

The car slipped over a cliff ledge and hurtled down a slope until it crashed into a tree 50 yards below, in Montemignaio, northern Italy.

A police spokesman said: “He hasn’t been charged with any crime but he’s definitely going to get a life sentence of backseat driving from now on.”

via Ananova

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Pass the beads! Mardi Gras is going strong!


Conventional wisdom holds that the New Orleans-area economy has dodged the worst of the financial meltdown, from rampant foreclosures to skyrocketing unemployment, thanks to the recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

As it turns out, what may be the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression couldn’t rock the market for Carnival throws, either.

Despite fears among Mardi Gras bead vendors and krewe captains this year that riders skittish of spending on frivolities would skimp on costly throws, trinkets of all kinds — from krewe-themed Coke bottles to hologram medallions to giant plush flowers — have flown off the shelves.

via Times-Picayune – NOLA.com.

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A northeast Ohio farmer who died of cancer has been laid to rest with the help of some of the llamas he raised on his farm.

Two of Terry McCrone’s llamas made up an honor guard at his funeral Friday at Perry Christian Church. Four others from a statewide drill team joined them, wearing purple ribbons as they lined up outside the church. The llamas also escorted a hearse to Perry Cemetery.

The 61-year-old McCrone died Feb. 7. The Rev. Bob Ladygo of Bible Baptist Church says McCrone’s llamas would visit him at his window after he became sick.

via The Bulletin

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Upon their first exhibitions, some artists can’t wait to elaborate on the intent of their work. Others are aloof, projecting an enigmatic presence.

For this Seattle cat, photography is his medium, a gift from his “parents” — filmmakers Michael and Deirdre Cross, who gave him a very small and light digital camera that hung from his collar one day a week for a year. It was programmed to take a picture every two minutes.

They wanted the answer to a question many pet lovers have asked themselves: What does he do all day?

He came back with thousands of answers — 16 of which are framed and on display at the Urban Light Studios in the Greenwood Collective.

via Cooper the cat-Seattle PI

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