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What size jumpers do chicken wear?

A Norfolk woman has had woolly jumpers knitted for 1,500 balding rescued former battery [egg factory] hens.

Jo Eglen, 29, who runs the Little Hen Rescue Centre in Norwich, has rescued and re-homed a total of 5,750 battery hens.

But many had lost their plumage so Mrs Eglen turned to her local community asking for people willing to knit jumpers for the bedraggled birds.

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Some headlines can’t be improved: “Woman’s nose retrieved from pet poodle”

Italian police were called to catch a poodle that had bitten off the nose of its female owner before running into the garden.

They chased the poodle, called Vale, around owner Loredana Romano’s garden before finally retrieving what was left of the nose.

Mrs Romano, 34, from Forli in northern Italy, said. “My little Vale often climbed into bed with me, I don’t know why she suddenly bit off my nose.”

Doctors were able to salvage the chewed nose and reattach it but say she will now have to go undergo a long course of reconstructive surgery to repair the numerous scars.

via Ananova

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Super Man? Master Race?

Adolf Hitler had shocking table manners, gorged on cake in his bunker and suffered from flatulence, according to newly found psychological profile documents. The dictator also bit his fingernails at meal times and nervously rubbed his index finger back and forth across his moustach, the newly discovered papers disclose.

The top secret papers also state Hitler believed Goebbels’ own propaganda about himself and genuinely thought he was the “greatest military genius of all time.”

The revelations show Hitler had a “streak of passive masochism” in his relationships with women.

The Fuhrer’s daily routine and “uncouth” behavior were recorded in notes taken from a high-ranking Nazi who spilled the beans to a British agent.

via Our Strange World.

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I’m hiding, I’m hiding and no one knows where

[An Indiana] man who’s renovating a 120-year-old house has discovered a hidden room in its basement — a find he said shows that some old buildings definitely hold secrets. A friend of Carl Thoms was working recently on plumbing in the 1890 home’s basement when he noticed that he could see around those pipes into a hidden room covered in tiles.

He also spotted a staircase — a discovery that led Thoms to a bedroom off of the home’s kitchen, where he pried up some floorboards and accessed those stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, Thoms found himself in a walled-off 10-foot-square room covered in tiles that at first made him think the room might have once been a tiled sauna.

But he also wonders whether it might have been a bootlegging room during Prohibition — or any number of possibilities.

via  hidden room.

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Atomic wedgies rule!

It took a wedgie and a headlock to pin down a man suspected of breaking into a car. Yvonne Morris, a technician at the Brickyard Animal Hospital, said she chased a man who broke into a co-worker’s car, but he kept squirming away from her.

The third time, Morris grabbed hold of the man’s boxer shorts and pulled. Salt Lake City police said she then she put a headlock on the man until help could arrive.

via Woman uses wedgie to capture suspected thief.

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