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Now here’s a hot idea…

Police in southwest China are spicing up drivers with raw chilli in a bid to stop them falling asleep at the wheel, a newspaper said Wednesday.

Police in the Chongqing region have started serving drivers chilli peppers at highway service stations, holding to the traditional Chinese belief that people often feel more sleepy in the Spring, the Chongqing Evening News said.

Most of the drivers are from neighbouring Sichuan, Yunnan and Hunan provinces, where chillies are a local favourite, it added.

“It’s really good to have some hot peppers when you are tired from driving,” van driver Chen Jun was quoted by the newspaper as saying. “They make you alert.”

via police hot-wire sleepy drivers with chilli.

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Round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows

Police rescued a woman driver from a roundabout in Germany after fellow motorists said she’d done at least 50 circuits. They used two police cars to guide her off at one of the exits after motorists called them to say she kept going round and round the roundabout in Braunschweig.

“I was breaking in a new car to see how it does in traffic and I couldn’t seem to get to one of the exits,” 62-year-old Andrea Zimmer told police. “But I have to admit I got a very good feel for my new car and its handling. I think I can safely say it takes roundabouts pretty well.”

via stuck on roundabout.

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