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Little folk

According to an article in Vanity Fair … “[a] large number of Icelanders” believe in elves or “hidden people.” This widespread folklore occasionally disrupts business in the sparsely populated North Atlantic country. Before the aluminum company Alcoa could erect a smelting factory, “it had to defer to a government expert to scour the enclosed plant site and certify that no elves were on or under it.” How do you find an elf?

…The ability to see the huldufólk, or hidden folk, can’t be learned; you’re just born with it. To find elves, seers don’t really need to do anything—they’ll just sense an elfin presence. The Vanity Fair article says that elf detection can take six months, but it’s usually a quick process that can last under an hour. And although the magazine claims that a “government expert” had to certify the nonexistence of elves, the Icelandic Embassy insists that these consults are performed by freelancers, not government contractors.

via How do you find an elf? – By Juliet Lapidos – Slate Magazine.

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Little green men vacationing in Canada?

Canadians reported a record number of UFO sightings last year, according to Winnipeg-based Ufology Research.

The volunteer group of a half-dozen researchers noted 1,004 reported sightings in 2008 – up more than 25 per cent from the previous year and the highest amount in the 20 years Ufology has been keeping track.

via Our Strange World.

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Let a smile be your umbrella, blast you!

The Berlin city government has appointed 4,000 civil servants, police officers and train drivers as “good mood ambassadors” in an €200,000 effort to rid perceptions that the German capital is a gruff and ill-tempered place.

via The Local.

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