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Andy Kaye of Kaye’s Auctions was literally brought to tears yesterday talking about the kindness of some of the good hearts and gentle people attending Kaye’s weekly Thursday night auction. The contents of a storage locker (being sold off due to unpaid storage fees) were on the block when the little boy whose toys were in the lot (about three years old, there with his mom) asked Andy if he could “have some of my toys”.

“Sure,” says Andy…”Go ahead.”

The little guy gathered a pile of toys, then when the auction got underway, a 20-year regular of Kaye’s, Karen, bought a couple of boxes, immediately donating them back to the family. Other bidders followed suit, till at the end of the sale mom and her little guy had a fair amount of their stuff back.

“I’ve been in this business a long time,” says Andy, “and I have to tell you, that was really something. The little guy’s mom certainly had tears in her eyes.”

Bet lots of people did.

via Winnipeg Sun

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