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Rip Van Winkle has insomnia?

A US man named Rip Van Winkle is seeking medical attention – for his insomnia.

Mr Van Winkle, 37, of Corvallis, Oregon, admitted: “I went to the doctor’s office and the irony is incredible. My name is Rip Van Winkle, and I can’t sleep.”

He says his father and grandfather were both nicknamed Rip, after the fictional character who fell asleep for 20 years.

via Ananova – Rip Van Winkle can’t sleep.

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Got a drought? Hitch up a couple of frogs.

Priests married two frogs in Guwahati, northern India, in a ritual to please rain gods.

More than 2,000 wedding guests attended the ceremony as frog bride Bijuli, which means ‘Thunder’, and groom Barun, ‘Wind’, tied the knot.

The amphibians were then fed a special celebratory lunch of flies and mosquitoes.

via Ananova – Frogs marry to please rain gods.

No rain yet, but it’s early days.

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Crime Tip: After robbing a store don’t cross the street and order a pizza

Police arrested a woman suspected of robbing a small variety store in Maine.

Just after noon on Monday, 48-year-old Mary Gorsuch of Biddeford is believed to have entered Paul’s Variety on Alfred Street and demanded money from the clerk, claiming she would “blow [the clerk’s] head off” if she didn’t comply.

The clerk gave Gorsuch several hundred dollars, and then watched her walk across the street to a pizza parlor. The clerk called 911, gave police a description of the suspect and told them she had just entered the pizza shop.

Officers found Gorsuch waiting for a pepperoni pizza she had ordered. She was taken into custody and charged with robbery.

via  10connects.com

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Mac and Brew, Please.

Weary world travellers will soon be able to wash down their Big Mac with a strong beer following a court decision to grant fast-food chain McDonald’s an alcohol licence for its Stockholm Arlanda restaurant, reports Christian website Dagen.

The McDonald’s restaurant at Stockholm Arlanda Airport finally secured approval for its application for an alcohol licence on Thursday when an appeals court (Kammarr√§tten) overturned previous rejections from both Sigtuna council and the county administrative court.

Both the council and the county court had ruled that as a family-orientated fast-food restaurant McDonald’s was not a suitable place for strong beer to be sold.

via The Local.

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