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Looks kind of like Worf…

Near the point where lights were see hovering on a number of occasions, faces are found carved into the stones.

UFO field investigator Chuck Zukowski likes to think of himself as a skeptic. He won’t throw his UFO detective gear in his truck (license plate: UFONUT) and drive out to the middle of nowhere just because someone says they saw a few glowing orbs over a field.

“Cattle mutilations I’ll go out for, but orbs? They have to have some sort of documentation – a photo, a video,” he said recently as he pulled his Nissan Xterra up to Ute Valley Park.

There was something at the park the he felt was definitely worth a closer look… a strange stone found in the New Mexico desert…

via Our Strange World.

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Does your sunblock smell a little different lately?


The next big thing in sunblock could be copied from hippos. Researchers have found that hippo sweat (actually an oily secretion) provides hippos with multiple types of protection: from the sun, disease and bugs.

Christopher Viney, a professor at the University of California, Merced, began investigating hippo sweat in 2004, taking samples from Bulgy, a 49-year-old hippopotamus at the Chaffee Zoo in Fresno. His research extended into a trip to Zambia, Africa, in an attempt to retrieve fresh sweat from hippos in the wild. National Geographic had invited him on the trip as part of a TV documentary, though the trip didn’t yield any new sweat samples.

via Hippo Sweat

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If you look at them carefully you’ll note that geese and toilet seats don’t look much alike

A hunter from western Sweden has been indicted on charges of endangering human life after accidentally shooting a toilet seat rather than the goose at which he had taken aim.

The 37-year-old from Ulricehamn was out hunting near the village of Hökerum when he spotted a goose by the lakeside, newspaper Borås Tidning reports.

But when the hunter missed his taget the bullet travelled 1.6 kilometres over Tolken Lake, past a couple of cottage owners and their guest, and straight into the toilet.

More at  The Local.

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Hey, Bozo! Da Boss wants a word wit’ yez…

A stunned supermarket saleswoman stumbled upon 28 kilograms (60 pounds) of cocaine worth over a million … while unpacking boxes of bananas in southern Germany, police said on Friday.

The crates of fruit, flown in from Colombia and imported into Germany via the Belgian port of Antwerp, were probably mixed up when they were being loaded onto the delivery trucks, Ludwig Waldinger from the Bavarian police told AFP.

There’s more at Saleswoman finds cocaine in box of bananas.

Not only is there likely a dumb crook in Colombia or Germany, there is likely a dead, dumb crook there.

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