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Crime tip: When robbing an eatery be sure it isn’t full of cops

A Massachusetts man had some misfortune when he allegedly tried to rob a Chinese restaurant. Four plainclothes police officers were enjoying their dinner at the time.

Anthony Whitcomb of Methuen was arraigned Thursday in Lawrence District Court on charges of unarmed robbery, larceny, assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

via  WCVB Boston.

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Wow! You mean that pink elephant was real?


If you’re seeing a pink elephant, don’t worry – no one’s spiked your morning orange juice.

This three-month-old calf is believed to be an albino, an extremely rare phenomenon among African elephants.

It was spotted by cameraman Mike Holding as he filmed the 80-strong herd for a BBC wildlife programme in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

via  Mail Online

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Old beer’s secret…follow the link below

A Scottish brewery claims to have produced the first authentic India pale ale (IPA) in almost 200 years by ageing the beer aboard a trawler in the North Sea.

BrewDog, a Scottish micro-brewery based in Fraserburgh, has used an original recipe to produce the ale, which was traditionally matured during the 100-day sea journey from Britain to India.

While many brewers still produce IPA on land, BrewDog’s owners James Watt and Martin Dickie decided to make the beer the old-fashioned way.

The pair prepared eight oak barrels which spent seven-and-a-half weeks aboard the Ocean Quest, a mackerel trawler captained by Watt, who is also a fisherman.

via Old beer’s secret is ale at sea – Times Online.

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UFOs just US spooks…maybe

At the end of the Cold War, the British Ministry of Defence was worried the US was developing mysterious planes but not telling its closest ally. Staff at department DI55 of the Defence Intelligence Staff logged and investigated hundreds of sightings by pilots, air-traffic controllers and private individuals who believed they had seen an alien presence.

“The MOD did not believe Britain was being visited by aliens, but these files show they were obsessed with the fear that our closest ally was developing spy planes and keeping them secret from us,” said David Clarke, a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, and UFO specialist at the National Archives, which has just released hundreds of official UFO files on its website.

via  The Australian.

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