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Casual Friday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday too)

A German judge has ordered her trials to be held by her bedside after being hospitalised with a broken hip. Karin Walter, 59, ordered lawyers, witnesses and handcuffed defendants to take part in the hearings at St Vincenz hospital in Limburg…

Under German law, all the charges would have been scrapped if the judge had been unable to continue with the trials.

via Judge hears cases in bed.

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Tasmania’s wombat poo paper

Wombat droppings are helping an industrial city in Australia fight the effects of the global financial crisis.

Burnie, in the north-west of the state of Tasmania, has been hit by repeated rounds of job cuts. But despite the gloom, one local industry is thriving by producing handmade paper out of a material no-one else wants – wombat poo.

via BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific

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