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Good news…bad news

The good news is that there may be a way to get rid of asthma and allergies. The bad news is that the cure may be lice. Turns out that our ultraclean life style isĀ  hampering the development of our immune systems.

The idea is that if the immune system is not properly primed in childhood, immune cells can improperly react to harmless triggers such as pollen or bits of dander. Bacterial and viral infections do not seem to be the priming factor, but researchers have been focusing lately on parasites.



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Follow the yellow brick brown spit trail

Police in Wisconsin say a trail of chewing tobacco spit led them to two men accused of stealing a safe from a pub. The pair have been charged with stealing a safe containing $3,000 in cash and beer tokens from a bar in the island town of Campbell.

Police officers investigating the burglary were able to collect chewing tobacco spit that led away from the tavern. DNA from the spit matched a 21-year-old man, from nearby La Crosse, who was promptly arrested.

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Nazi cattle

Cattle brought back from extinction by Hitler have achieved what he never could – by invading England.

A herd of aurochs, legendary beasts seen as symbols of Nazi might, is grazing in Devon, according to The Sun. It is the first time they have set hoof here in 4,000 years when the last ones to roam Britain were killed.

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Attn. Spelling Bee officials: Here’s a tie breaker


Embarrassed US officials have been forced to admit that they have been spelling Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg wrongly for years.

The typos in the country’s longest place name were revealed by local newspaper, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, which has been covering the misspelling scandal since 2003.

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Not too surprising. there are at least two dozen spelling variants.

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