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A Chinese man has successfully patented his new invention – a bicycle with odd-sided wheels. Guan Baihua, 50, a retired military officer in Qingdao, spent 18 months developing his unique bike.

The front wheel is a five-sided pentagon while the back wheel is a triangle, reports the Bandao City Daily. Guan says the bike is mainly for fun but says riders could use it to lose weight as it takes more effort to pedal.

More at Ananova – Bumpy road to success.

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No apple for this teacher. Bring WD-40 instead.

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The world’s first robot teacher proved a hit with pupils on her first day at a Japanese primary school. One pupil described Saya as “pretty” another said that she was a bit “scary but fun” while another said that he “couldn’t believe he was getting taught by a robot”…

First, she called the name of each child before asking the pupils to carry out tasks from a text book for the pilot project in Kudan Primary School, next to Tokyo University…

Saya’s steel skull is covered with fine latex cast from a female university student. Underneath, a system of 18 motors works like muscles to give her facial expressions including surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness and sadness…

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