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Third Second time is the charm

Patricia Demauro stepped up to a craps table in Atlantic City for only¬† the second time in her life and proceeded to hold the dice for four hours and eighteen minutes before sevening out. That’s a new world record beating the old one by more than an hour.

She’s not talking about how much she won and neither is the casino but you can be sure it is more than cab fare home.

via NBC Los Angeles.

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Now that’s a great turkey call…or a dumb friend

A Connecticut man is recovering from shotgun wounds sustained in a hunting mishap in southern New York.

Authorities say Henry Gasiorowski, of Greenwich, Conn., was hit in the arm and back by shotgun pellets in the Friday morning accident at a hunting club in Forestburgh.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s office says the 60-year-old was sitting behind a decoy turkey making turkey calls when a hunting companion from Greenwich mistakenly opened fire.

via WTEN

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Two scores…from the full length of the field

A schoolgirl goalkeeper is set for the record books after scoring twice in a single match from her own penalty box. Emily Dickson, 14, stunned her team-mates and the opposition with two huge drop kicks down the full-sized pitch.

With both attempts, the ball bounced over the opposing keeper and into the net during the under-15s match, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Emily, from Broxbourne, Herts, is now awaiting confirmation from FA officials, who believe her effort is a record.

via Ananova – Schoolgirl goalkeeper claims a record.

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At last! An honest politician

A Croatian politician has been swept to power after promising voters he would rip them off at every opportunity.

Bare-faced Josko Risa was voted in as mayor in Prolozac with a landslide victory using the slogan: “All for me – nothing for you.”

“I just told them the truth. This town will be like my family business. If I get a little something, so do they,” he explained.

via Ananova – ‘Rip off’ mayor elected.

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Great for a really big sandbox

A three-year-old New Zealand girl bought a mechanical digger for £8,000 while her parents were asleep.

Pipi Quinlan, who lives in Auckland, logged onto the family computer and got on to an online auction site her mum had been using earlier.

She then submitted what turned out to be a winning bid of 20,000 New Zealand dollars for a massive Kobelco digger, the Rodney Times reports.

Picture 17Via Ananova

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