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Now this is a a good commanding officer

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Brussels sprouts have been banned from a Plymouth-based warship with its captain describing them as the “devil’s vegetable”.

Wayne Keble OBE, who is the Commanding Officer of amphibious assault ship HMS Bulwark, said he hates the small leafy green vegetables.

via Royal Navy captain bans brussels on Plymouth warship.


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A total of 350 feet…TA DA!!

A Harpswell [Maine] man who was allegedly text messaging while driving on Route 196 Sunday morning took an unexpected off-road detour that left him with minor injuries, according to police.

Topsham Police Lt. Christopher Lewis said it appears a 1997 brown Chevrolet Blazer four-door driven by Phillip Smith, 20, of Harpswell, was traveling on Route 196 west of Meadow Cross Road. The vehicle careened off the road, struck a utility pole, drove through a barbed wire fence — taking out several posts — traveled over a field, up a small hill and then down a steep embankment into a small stream, Lewis said. The crash was reported at 8:20 a.m.

via The Times Record

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She said, “Go!” so he went.

A man reported missing by his wife last week was located Saturday. But he says he wasn’t missing — just following his wife’s wishes to go away.

William Peterson told police he and his wife had an argument and she told him to get out. So, Peterson spent the week fishing and camping in Bend.

His wife, Pam Peterson, said that the argument with her husband happened months ago, and that she forgot about telling her husband he could always leave. Apparently, her husband had not forgotten, she said.

via OregonLive.com.

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Parked in your own driveway? That’s a ticket!

Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways.

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner…says he stands by the citations handed out last week by the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor. He says the tickets were issued under a city law against parking on unpaved surfaces, including gravel driveways.

During a news conference Monday, Finkbeiner ignored a reporter’s question of whether the crackdown and fines were related to the city’s budget crisis.

via Yahoo! News.

And he’s running for re-election. Good luck with that.

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Wow! It’s cold in here!

An 84-year-old Polish woman woke up in a hospital morgue after being declared dead by her doctor. The error was noticed only when someone saw her body bag in the morgue moving, police said.

The woman, from the village of Jablonowo, fell unconscious and her husband called an ambulance. A doctor from the emergency medical services pronounced her dead, a police spokesman said.

via Ananova – ‘Dead’ woman wakes up in morgue.

Presumably she had no vital signs…I hope. Pretty scary otherwise.

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Umm, you might want to look behind you…

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Big Brother isn’t just watching…he’s listening, too.

…Even without aliens, the [Area 51] facility has its secrets, and last year while roaming the desert outside the Groom Lake base {Chuck] Clark stumbled upon one of them: an electronic device packed in a rugged case and buried in the dirt. Marked “U.S. Government Property,” the device turned out to be a wireless transmitter, connected by an underground cable to a sensor buried nearby next to one of the unpaved roads that vein the public land surrounding the base. Together, the units act as a surveillance system, warning someone — somewhere — whenever a vehicle drives down that stretch of road.

Similar devices had been spotted in the area in the early 90s, but they were crude and bulky, stashed in the bushes and easily spotted. They were later withdrawn. The new road sensors are more clandestine, given away only by a slender antenna poking up through the dirt. “They’re very, very hard to find, because there’s just this little wire, like a blade of grass,” says [Joerg] Arnu.

via Area 51 hackers dig up trouble.

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I wonder who his dentist is…

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Police who solved a spate of mystery burglaries were shocked to find the culprit was biting his way through steel window bars.

Detectives in Nanjimen region, Chongqing, were puzzled by continuous reports of break-ins through caged windows. “Through our investigations, we found the grids had been cut but with deep tooth prints,” a local police spokesman told the Chongqing Business Daily.

Eventually, their inquiries led them to interview a man who revealed he was sharing a hotel room with a man who could crack walnuts with his teeth. Police brought in the man, Xiong, 23, for questioning and he confessed that he was behind the burglaries.

via Ananova – Burglar bit through steel bars.

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This money was really funny…too funny.

A would-be counterfeiter in Argentina made such bad funny money that a court found him innocent “by reason of incompetence”. Shouldn’t have used crayons, I guess.

via Argentine court forgives forgery.

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Pillows stuffed with your pet’s ashes? Sick.

Forget about your sleep number. What could be more comforting than the memories of your late pet laid to rest beneath your sleeping head? If a cherished pet’s death leaves you sleepless and missing that warm, furry embrace, then Patricia Moore of Naples, Fla., may have the answer: pillows stuffed with your pet’s ashes.

Oh, yes. There’s lots more at  WTAE Pittsburgh.

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“Down boy” gets a whole new meaning

A nutty dog had to be rescued by a tree surgeon after getting stuck on a branch 50ft up chasing squirrels.

Bruce the terrier was left trapped for around five hours before being reunited with his owners Glenice and Barry Clapperton, reports the Daily Mirror.

via Ananova – Get down boy!.

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Three things to not do when transporting drugs

1. Speed

2. Drive erratically, lane jumping

3. Don’t tell the police that you were driving like an idiot because you were chasing the guy that stole       your marijuana.

There was also 15 baggies of marijuana and 13 ecstasy pills in the car.

via  Wilkes-Barre News | The Times Leader.

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Critter feature…A seven-day-old stump-tailed macaque baby

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Nessie? Is that you?

Archaeologists have spent months piecing together dozens of old bones found encased in limestone on Britain’s Jurassic Coast by a fossil hunter.

After nearly completing the jigsaw-like puzzle they have disclosed that the skeleton, which is 70 per cent complete, is that of a 12ft long plesiosaur.

The marine reptile resembled the Loch Ness monster with its long thin neck and tail, four large flippers and razor-sharp teeth.

More at  Our Strange World.

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Don’t eat yellow snow. Best stay away from red-brown snow too.

Scientists have located emperor penguin breeding colonies in Antarctica – after spotting giant poo stains from space.

Satellite images picked up huge red-brown stains on the pristine white sea ice, indicating the presence of thousands of penguins.

It meant that researchers for the British Antarctic Survey were able to locate every colony on the continent for the first time ever, reports the Daily Telegraph.

via Ananova – Penguin poo visible from space.

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600ft jellyfish crop circle

A 600ft jellyfish pattern has appeared in a barley field in Kingstone Coombes, Oxfordshire, in what is one of the most intriguing crop circles ever seen in Britain.

via Telegraph.

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OK, you. Stop horsing around!

The driver of a horse and buggy led Cattaraugus County (New York) sheriff’s deputies on a three-mile pursuit through fields and woods early Monday morning, eventually abandoning the buggy and escaping on foot.

via The Buffalo News.

They caught him later.

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Global Warming brings killing frost warning

Local gardeners may want to take special measures to protect their plants this evening as a frost advisory has been issued for much of New York state, including Oneida County.

The advisory issued by the National Weather Service remains in effect until 8 a.m. Monday.

Temperatures are expected to fall into the mid-to-low 30s overnight, and a hard frost is likely as temperatures in colder areas approach freezing.

via The Observer-Dispatch.

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Polly wants a passport

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A British tourist has had his passport stolen in New Zealand – by a large wild parrot with a reputation for mischief.

The Scottish visitor reported the theft from a tour bus on its way to Milford Sound, a beauty spot in South Island’s Fiordland region. A police spokesman said the kea had swooped on a brightly coloured bag containing the man’s passport when the coach made a stop.

via Ananova – Parrot steals Brit’s passport.

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The case of the exploding bulls

Seven bulls exploded and caught fire after power lines fell on a dairy farm in New Zealand.

The incident happened north of Auckland at Wilks Road farm.

Dave Taylor, who leases the farm, said he got a phone call from his father who was driving along the motorway, telling him his cows were exploding.

via Metro.co.uk.

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