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There’s an interesting contest going on at a craft site that most people probably don’t know about. Take a look at it. You can find it here. Be sure to look at number 18 when you vote. You could say I have a special interest in it since my granddaughter did it.

Picture 16

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Crime tip: It’s best not to flag down a cop to make your getaway

Out of prison for just over three weeks, Mark E. White chose the wrong car to try to hitch a ride with on Wednesday.

Just two blocks from the Citizens Bank at 2815 E. Genesee in Saginaw that he allegedly robbed five minutes earlier, White, 50, flagged down Saginaw Township Detective Scott Jackson of the auto theft division for a ride.

Jackson slowed his car enough to allow city patrol officer Ian Wegner enough time to provide backup, and a little more than three weeks after he was released from prison on parole, White was back in police custody.

via MLive.com.

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Long distance call

Police…in northwestern Italy have arrested a self-styled clairvoyant on charges of fraud for allegedly sending SMS text messages to a client`s cellphone and telling her they were from her late father.

The 48-year-old woman, who called herself the `Sorceress of Nizza Monferraro`, the name of her town, claimed to have magical powers and could put people in contact with the dead.

She was unmasked after taking some 25,000 euros from a client seeking advice from her dead father about her marriage plans.


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