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What kind of paint do you use on elephants?

Pandas are black and white furry bears, and elephants are huge, grey, thick-skinned mammals. The two species aren’t much alike, but they were combined for visitors when elephants at the Thai Royal Elephant Kraal were painted as pandas and paraded for visitors.

More at  Panda-Painted Elephants Grab Attention.

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  1. they are pandas or elephants no they are pandaphants 😉
    very nice creativity , awesome i like it ,
    nice work buddy .

    Comment by barcelonareporter | July 14, 2009

  2. why be so cruel to the poor elephants-they dont even look the part!i mean as a panda theyre kinda ugly-but cute! so dont u think the elephants should just live a normal time in the zoo being grey?

    Comment by stevie | September 1, 2009

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