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I-5 Rendering truck spill…slip sliding around

A rendering truck lost its load and scattered animal parts all over the northbound lanes of Interstate 5 on Monday night. Crews said the stench was horrendous.

Troopers said no one was injured and no other cars were involved in the incident, but expected the cleanup to take several hours.

More at  KOMO News: Local & Regional.


July 28, 2009 - Posted by | accident messes |

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  1. We live across the road from a slaughter place and every time the rendering truck comes and leaves their place we have to drive through the smelly, sickeningly gross sludge that runs out of the truck. Up to this point (for the last 6 years) no one in Lewis County seems to think this is a problem. The neighbors out here have tried unsuccessfully to have something done about it. We can’t have an outside dinner, or leave our windows open at night, or even use the side of our yard that is toward the slaughter company. They have a two acre parcel and then they also have a custom meat company that is at a different location on I-5 but they continue to bring all the offult(or guts as I lovingly call them) out to this location which is in the country and very close to a busy roadway. No agency will take responsibility to condemn the property and shut them down despite the fact that they rinse the empty barrels and dump the water on to the ground behind the shed where they keep the barrells of “guts”. We have lived in our home over 30 years and we feel that they should have to have some accountablilty for the quality of life that the neighborhood had before they moved in and started the practice of keeping the offult on their property and getting it picked up by the rendering truck and slopping it all the way down the road and onto the freeway at exit 72. The County Code Enforcement officer was here several times and got sick from the smell. The health officer for Lewis County has inspected and got sick from the smell, yet they think the neighbors should put up with it. Kind of weird to me

    Comment by eileen owens | July 30, 2009

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