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Don’t drink and drive

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A man lost control of his pickup truck and crashed into a swimming pool Monday morning in Aloha,[Oregon]  sheriff’s deputies said.

Scott Kurico, 46, was driving through the parking lot at the Heritage 185 Apartments when he lost control, said Sgt. David Thompson in a Washington County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Kurico said he dropped his coffee cup and accidentally hit the accelerator. The pickup hit a parked car, went over a curb, crashed through a fence and then careened into a swimming pool, deputies said.

via KPTV Portland.

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Police say a driver blamed a car crash [in] Connecticut on two pet baby snakes that he said escaped from his pants pockets as he was driving.

Hartford police Sgt. Christene Mertes says Angel Rolon claimed he lost control of his sports utility vehicle on Monday when the snakes slithered near the gas and brake pedals and he and a passenger tried to catch them.

via Metro.co.uk.

No word on why he had snakes in his pocket…

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