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OK, Vicar. Pony up the drawers.

Summer fete committee members in Langton Herring, Dorset, were forced to slash costs for the annual summer party due to the recession. Committee member Amanda King jokingly suggested using the pants as bunting after hearing there was not enough money to buy new decorations.

Villagers have responded by donating hundreds of pants and knickers of all shapes and sizes.

“We all thought that life is a bit of pants these days so how appropriate to fly pants instead of bunting,” said Mrs King. “It’s given people a bit of a chuckle although I don’t think everyone approves,” said committee chairman Anne Kerins added.

“Ann has run with the idea and the village has been very supportive. We even hope to have some holy pants from the vicar.

via Vicar’s underwear used for bunting – Telegraph.

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911? A baboon just stole my underwear and ran up a tree!

…the monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park…have taken to breaking into rooftop luggage and stealing… unmentionables in broad daylight.The largest baboons jump up and down on the box until the lock bursts open, when the rest swarm in to sift through the goodies before retreating with the desired clothing and undergarments.


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First it was a nose ring and then things just sort of got out of hand…

Picture 9

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Sorry, Ma’am, no trunks on the bus.

Picture 7

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Years of training and he’s opening beer bottles…

Picture 6

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I have a feeling this isn’t compliant…

Picture 5


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Cool off on those hot, muggy days

Picture 4

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Wanted: Assistant to insert contact lenses in tiger’s eyes

Picture 28

A German company is making contact lenses for animals, including lions, giraffes, tigers and bears, with cataracts.

S & V Technologies, founded by Bavarian chemist Christine Kreiner, created the acrylic intraocular lenses which are custom made to fit each animal.

via  Contact lenses for tigers.

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Release demons by shooting holes in someone? Well, that’s one way.

A nurse accused of shooting her ex-husband in the groin inside his chiropractic clinic while their two young daughters waited outside had written in her diary that she needed to create “portals of exit” for demonic spirits, a detective testified Friday.

via  The Tennessean.

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No wedding bells. Lots of facial tattoos though.

A man described by Utah authorities as Salt Lake County’s Public Enemy No. 1 was arrested when he came into a courthouse to get married. Uintah County Sheriff’s Lt. John Laursen said someone recognized Frank Paul Reyos, 27, when he arrived Tuesday at Ute Tribal Court in Fort Duchesne…

Reyos, who is wanted on a no-bail fugitive warrant for aggravated robbery by the Salt Lake County Metro Gang Unit, was arrested without incident…

Police said he was recognized due to his many facial tattoos, including a spiderweb on his forehead.

via Suspect arrested at own wedding – UPI.com.

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How many parking violations can you see? I count 4.


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Founding member of the RAF and WWI veteran dies aged 113

Henry Allingham, the world’s oldest man and one of the last surviving World War I servicemen, has died at the age of 113, his care home has said.

Mr Allingham served with the Royal Naval Air Service in WWI, later transferring to the Royal Air Force at the time of its creation.


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Someone in Colorado believes in the direct approach

Picture 25

Link to imgur.com

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That light at the end of the tunnel? It really is a train.

Picture 24

A German motorist mistook an underground train tunnel for a road and drove 200 metres along the tracks before he realised. Max Kirsch, 29, faces drink driving charges after getting his Vauxhall Corsa stuck in the train tunnel in Bochum.

Police and fire trucks had to be scrambled in the middle of the night to stop trains and help remove the car from the tunnel.

Kirsch, 29, had veered left into the tunnel after heading down a service road and had not realised what he had done. He told police he was simply trying to get to downtown Bochum after seeing the latest Harry Potter movie.

via Ananova

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Just one remark, wise guy, and I mangle your ankle…



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…or it could be pranksters…C’mon folks. Show a little sense.

Whatever the reasons one Christchurch resident says he is keeping an open mind about how a crop circle came to appear in the fields behind his house.

Some of the theories behind crop circle formations include a whirlwind, earth energies, underground archaeological circumstances, hoaxes, military experimentation and alien invasion.

via Our Strange World.

How about a couple of guys with too much time on their hands?

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Wind, Dust, Rain and Lightning. Welcome to Tucson

Tucson lightning

From Flickr

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It seemed like a good idea at the time…

A German who tried to fix his leaky air mattress blew up his apartment instead, the fire brigade in the western city of Duesseldorf said Wednesday.

The 45-year-old man used tire repair solvent to plug a hole in his airbed and left it overnight.

But it blew up when he went to inflate it the next day. “A spark from the electric air pump ignited it,” a fire brigade spokesman said.

The blast pushed his living room wall into the building’s stairwell and caused extensive damage to walls, windows and furniture.

via Man tries to fix airbed

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…And you thought your 10 handicap was good…

Braeden Furlow teed up his SpongeBob SquarePants ball from about 85 yards out, picked up a 3-wood and made a solid hit that bounced twice on the fairway before landing in the hole. Some golfers go their whole lives without marking down a “1.” Braeden’s hole-in-one was his first, but that shouldn’t be a surprise — he’s all of 6 years old.

via Yahoo! News.

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Crescent Earth from the moon, 1967 NASA photo

Picture 23

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