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Twins born 51 hours apart… Wait. What?

After giving birth to her son Ryan, Hayley Phillips thought it wouldn’t be too long before his twin brother followed. In fact, it took a further 51 hours – and a second labour for Miss Phillips – before Lewis eventually made his way into the world.

The twins – who as well as being born on different days also have different star signs – are now set to mark their first birthday, with Ryan, a Leo, celebrating tomorrow and Lewis, a Virgo, two days later on Tuesday.

Miss Phillips, 24, said: ‘There were two separate labours, with Ryan being born at home and Lewis in hospital, they have different birthdays, different star signs and if Lewis had been born a few days later he would be in a different school year. They look the same but they couldn’t be any more different.’

via Twins who were born 51 hours apart Mail Online.

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