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Mexican Alien Baby?

Mexican TV revealed the almost unbelievable story – in 2007, a baby ‘alien’ was found alive by a farmer in Mexico. He drowned it in a ditch out of fear, and now two years later scientists have finally been able to announce the results of their tests on this sinister-looking carcass.

At the end of last year the farmer, Marao Lopez, handed the corpse over to university scientists who carried out DNA tests and scans. He claimed that it took him three attempts to drown the creature and he had to hold it underwater for hours.

Tests revealed a creature that is unknown to scientists – its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it can stay underwater for a long time.

But it also has some similar joints to humans.

via Our Strange World.


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  1. That mysterious car burning at high temperatures almost seals the deal for aliens walking around Mexico.

    I think the Mexican government should give them housing, welfare, food stamps, etc, since they are illegals 😉


    Comment by Mike - KnightRid | August 30, 2009

  2. You’re a sceptic, Mike. 😉

    Comment by oldstersview | August 30, 2009

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