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Bigfoot vacationing in Poland?

Another video of an apparent apeman has emerged from Poland – and this time the bizarre creature seems to be stalking a young girl in a bikini.

The footage was taken in the Tatra mountains, just like another recent video of a supposed Bigfoot. In the latest images, the apeman seems to be observing the girl before running away after he is discovered.

Justyna Folger was splashing about in a river as a friend filmed it when they spotted the creature in the undergrowth, according to the Polish Super Express newspaper.

The video shows how Justyna balanced first on stones and then stood in the water. Suddenly her friend cries out and zooms in on the trees on the far river bank. There in the dark is a black human-like creature!

More and video via Our Strange World.

September 2, 2009 - Posted by | animals, Bigfoot, Strange

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