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He was always quiet but the rocket launcher was a ‘little over the top’

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It was hard not to notice the placard on the front door honoring the dad of the house as World’s Greatest Dad.

This was the house at 25150 West Linden Lane where Burl Thomas, 56, and his son, John, 24, were arrested this week after police found an anti-tank rocket launcher, a cache of guns, Nazi and anarchist literature, TNT explosives with blasting caps and detonating cord while conducting a drug investigation. Cocaine and marijuana were also found.

“Thank You For All You’ve Done. I Love You,” said the card stuck inside the screen door. Another sign said, “Is there life after death? Trespass here and find out!”

Neighbors knew something was up because police evacuated the neighborhood Wednesday night.

“There was a police tank, SWAT truck — it was a little weird,” said neighbor Dan Gabriel, whose family was evacuated at 5:30 p.m. They couldn’t return until after 10 p.m.

“He was always quiet and we never had a problem with him,” he said of his neighbors.

More via Rocket launcher ‘little over the top’ :: News Sun :: News.

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And then the old man went and got a cheese steak…

Hours after being released from prison, Scott. T. Loher beat an 80-year-old man who refused to let him steal his car from a Warrington parking lot Monday night, authorities said.

While Loher broke a bone in the man’s face during the assault, the uncooperative victim managed to kick his attacker in the groin, a jolt that was enough to send Loher running from the lot outside Doylestown Hospital’s Health and Wellness Center.

Lots more via PhillyBurbs.com:  Man fends off would-be carjacker.

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And you wonder why Great Britain lost its’ empire?

Scouts will now be a little worse prepared after they were banned from carrying their traditional penknives due to the fears of those in charge of health and safety. Scouts will soon have to survive without their trusty penknives on camping trips thanks to Britain’s growing knife crime culture…

New advice published in Scouting, the official in-house magazine, says neither Scouts nor their parents should bring penknives to camp except in “specific” situations.

Scouts have traditionally been taught how to use knives correctly, using them on camping trips to cut firewood or carve tools…

At one point Scouts were allowed to carry a sheath knife on their belt as part of their uniform although this is no longer the case. In recent years the Scout Association guidance has been that parents should carry knives to camps or meetings.

via  Telegraph

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