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Caterpillar 797 Pics

I’ve had some doubting comment about the size of the broken truck pictured at this post. The size is correct. I’ve watched this truck in action at the copper mines just west of Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are unbelievable even when you see them. Here’s a description of the truck and there is more information at the link in the bottom left of this post.

The Caterpillar 797 was the largest truck of its kind in the world from 2000 till 2001. Its powered by a 24 cylinder V24 quad-turbo diesel engine that produces an amazing 3,400 horsepower. The truck stands at 23 feet tall and 47.5 feet long. The 797 is a whopping 30 feet wide. With the box raised the truck stands almost 50 feet tall.

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at 6.47.48 AM

Eight onboard computers monitor oil pressure, transmission torque, engine performance and tire temperature. The tires on the Cat 797 were especially designed for this machine made by Micheline. They stand 13 feet tall & each tire costs roughly 30,000 dollars. The 797 has an 850 gallon fuel tank or an optional 1800 gallon fuel tank. The truck itself sells for 3.4 million dollars.

via Caterpillar 797 Pics.

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