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Stick ’em up or I’ll detonate these sausages!

A Chinese robber threatened to blow up a restaurant with sausages, disguised as explosives, strapped to his body.

The 23-year-old man ate a meal at the restaurant, in Benxi, Heilongjang province, before grabbing the owner’s daughter. He put a knife to her neck and demanded cash from the till – but the restaurateur and other diners overpowered him.

They called the police – but when officers arrived the man, named He, jumped to his feet and revealed his ‘explosive’ belt.

Police managed to restrain He and took him outside to an open space – and called bomb disposal experts, reports the Huashang Morning Post.

“When [the] experts arrived, they laughed out loud as they quickly realised the explosives were actually sausages,” said a police spokesman.

…He told police he had been “inspired” by the shape of the sausages.

via Ananova – Robber relies on ‘bangers’.


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