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You can’t cut off a cow’s tail in California any more.

If people cutting off cow’s tails is one of your pet peeves you might think of moving to California. It’s illegal there now and there’s a whole raft load of other nifty laws that just took effect there too. Follow this link to see a bunch of them.


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Need a new lawn ornament? Got $42 million? And a big yard?

With space shuttles still launching and landing, NASA isn’t keen to talk about what will happen to the iconic vehicles after they’re retired.But the competition among institutions to land a space shuttle for public display is heating up.

Last December, NASA issued a “request for information” to educational institutions, science museums and other organizations about their interest in acquiring a space shuttle. The space agency estimated it would cost about $42 million to prepare the vehicle and deliver it via a modified 747 Boeing aircraft carrier.

via  Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

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