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Iraqi security forces bought 1500 magic Dowsing-rod bomb detectors for $56,000 each

A British businessman who has made millions selling dowsing-rod “explosives detectors” to the Iraqi security forces has been arrested on suspicion of fraud…

ATSC’s ADE “Advanced Detection Equipment” is said by its makers to be able to detect “all known drug and explosive based substances”, using “non-vapour” methods. A simple plastic holder is fitted with a special piece of cardboard which has been prepared using “the proprietary process of electrostatic matching of the ionic charge and structure of the substance” to be detected. There is no power source or electronics – the device is said to be “charged” by the body of the user.

Attached to the holder is a metal wand which the user holds at right angles to his or her body. The wand is said to drift in the direction of any explosive, drug or whatever else the cardboard insert has been “electrostatically matched” to – even contraband ivory or truffles – at ranges of up to 1km.

via  The Register.


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