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Yum! Creepy crawly goodies!

A Surrey theme park is offering free dried insects as pick ‘n’ mix snacks to its visitors as a trial.

Chessington World of Adventures will be handing out chocolate ant wafer biscuits, cheese and bacon flavoured crickets and chocolate covered larvae in traditional pink and white paper bags.

via Ananova – Theme park hands out creepy crawly goodies.

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The ghost at Gwrych Castle?

A ghostly girl snapped at a ruined castle could be the spirit of a Countess who lived there, experts said last night.

A photo of the building showed the mystery figure at a window – as The Sun revealed yesterday…

Floorboards beneath the window rotted away years ago, making it impossible for any human to stand there.

More at  Is Countess the ghost at Gwrych Castle? | The Sun |News.

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Never mind how it happened. Just get me down!

Link to more pictures

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