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Mmmmm! Pass the butter.

A submarine exploring the ocean’s depths recently returned with an unexpected visitor: a crablike critter that has left many readers startled and horrified.

In a posting to social bookmarking site Reddit, a deep-sea technician detailed the finding, asking the site’s readers to help identify what exactly the bizarre looking creature was…

The pictures reveal the creature to be a giant isopod, a large crustacean that dwells in deep Atlantic and Pacific waters. This particular creature is a Bathynomus giganteus, a deep-sea scavenger that feeds on dead whales, fish and squid.

via FOXNews.com – Terrifying Sea Critter Hauled from Ocean’s Depths.

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You’ve heard about police dogs. How about a police cat?

A cat has been appointed an unofficial police officer in a Chinese city where it joins officers on patrol.Police cat /Quirky China NewsThe black cat spends most of its days in the police station in the Shapingba district of Chongqing, reports the Hualong Network.But when officers go out on patrol, the cat follows them so much that citizens have started calling it ‘Officer’.

via Ananova – Cool cat joins police force.

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Irony defined…Or is it? Apparently this is a hoax. See Russ’ comment below.

In a remarkably ironic twist of fate global warming activist James Schneider and a companion journalist friend have been found frozen to death near the South Pole Station.

The full story is at the link below.

via Global Warming Activist Freezes to Death in Antarctica | The FOX Nation.

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“I don’t care what they say about penguins! My feet are cold!!”

There are more beautiful pictures of ice at this link.

The picture above is cropped slightly from an image  copyright by  Steven Kazlowski/Barcroft Media

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Creepy voices from Frank’s Box in Lizzie’s house

It’s midnight, and Christopher Moon is hunched over his laptop computer in the cold, dark basement of the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast. He says he is listening to the voices of the dead.

Initially, there are no surprises. Moon first heard the voices earlier that night, two floors up, in the bedroom where Abigail Durfee Gray Borden was hacked to death with a hatchet in August of 1892. Now, he is playing back the audio of that session so he and a room of paranormal investigators can hone in on not only what was said, but who said it.

The words are choppy and abrasive to the ear as they are blasted from a set of speakers, but everyone is in rapt attention. The group hears static, white noise and occasional fragments from local radio stations, all picked up by a wooden, cigar box-like machine adorned with knobs and packed with wires – a device Moon calls the Telephone to the Dead.

But every few seconds, between and over all the noise, throaty voices, almost urgent in their clarity and speed, spout specific answers to direct questions. The voices are distinct, consistent and almost jolting in the way they stand out from the clatter.

via Our Strange World.

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Dead Counseling

Dutch prisons are employing psychics to put jailed criminals in touch with their dead relatives.

Paul van Bree, a self-styled “paragnost” or clairvoyant, has been hired to teach prisoners how to “love themselves”.

“I tell them that dead relatives are doing well and that they love them. That brings them peace. Big strong men burst into tears,” he said. Mr van Bree, who also publishes annual predictions of the future, claims to be from a long line of clairvoyants, including his mother and grandmother.

He told De Tijd magazine that he is not the only psychic healer employed by the Dutch justice ministry.

via Ananova – Psychics help prisoners contact the dead.

Prison officials say,  “This is not something which fits in our treatment field.”

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Can You Go To Hell For Committing Sacrilege On A MacBook?

There’s a possibility that I have committed sacrilege. I have an Apple thirteen inch MacBook that is about two or three years old. When I bought it and opened the box it was a thing of beauty—even the packaging was “real purty.” Colorful and bright, shiny screen. The speakers were a little on the wimpy side but earphones fixed that.

After I had been using it about a month a small piece of the case broke off, just cracked and fell off. Hmmm. After about six months I noticed that the beautiful white case was looking a little yellow and it is now a pale cream color. And it was running a little slow but it was probably always that way. After all it is sort of underpowered but what can you expect for $1200?  Well, not to worry. Leopard was due out and when I upgraded to Leopard from Tiger all would be well, right? Right??

So I plunked down the price of Leopard and installed it. Ah. A fresh breeze blew through the room. The speed improved and the screen looked a little brighter, but that was probably just my imagination, sort of like how a freshly washed car always seems to run better.

Then one day I noticed that it got uncomfortably hot to hold on your lap. No problem. I started using a laptop desk. Bit awkward to carry around but doable and it didn’t roast my legs. Wait a second. Is that a slight bulge in the battery?

Next the screen looked a little dark. Oh, well, I must have accidentally turned the brightness down but no, it was almost all the way up. I would have turned it all the way up but that’s when that little flicker started. So I adjusted my attitude instead. Steve Jobs would be proud.

Then the Snow Leopard OS came out, the price was right and I bought a copy and installed it. Whoops! There must be something wrong with my HP printers. They don’tt work anymore. But no again. Apple in their wisdom decided to omit a bunch of drivers and my printers were among the casualties. Their solution (and HP’s as well)? Buy a new printer. After a month of howls of righteous indignation from all quarters, especially businesses,  Apple and HP, working together,  put rewritten drivers back in. Now all was golden in the world of Apple…right?

No. Now the Mickey Mouse designed touch pad switch was sticking. The “fix” was to turn the MacBook off, turn it upside down, remove the battery  and tap on a small round rubbery plug under the battery. That worked a couple of times and then nothing would budge it. So I added a mouse. Good thing Steve saw fit to still include three USB ports. (See? Apple does still love you. Now be Quiet.)

And that, dear friends, was the end and here is the sacrilege part. My MacBook now has a shiny new OS…PCLinuxOS…and it runs beautifully, better than it ever has. The touch pad switch still doesn’t work, of course, but the screen is once again bright, is easy to read, and doesn’t flicker, battery life is improved by about 10% and the little cream colored computer is noticeably faster. It’s also been replaced for daily use by an HP laptop, running Windows 7, that cost half as much as the MacBook, has a twice as fast processor, five times as big a hard drive,three times as much RAM,  a bigger screen and, wonder of wonders, a two button touchpad and it will take my camera’s SD card directly.

So why didn’t I take it to an Apple Store? Because the nearest one is 200 miles away and I didn’t fancy a 400 mile trip to get it fixed or replaced.

Maybe I should write a letter to Steve and tell him how I solved the case of the overrated and overpriced MacBook.

Nah. I don’t think so.

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Snake massages “relaxing”… Oh, yeah?

Visitors to a Surrey theme park have been given the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage – from a royal python.
They were offered the snake massages to help them relax before going on a new ride, called Kobra, at Chessington World of Adventures.

“Snake massages are said to produce a feeling of relaxation as the muscles in their bodies stimulate blood flow and massage tense joints,” said a spokeswoman.

via Ananova – Theme park offers snake massages.

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It takes only one white crow…or one black penguin

Video here

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Breaking into prison? You’re doing it wrong, man.

A Florida man has been jailed for 15 years for trying to break into a prison. Sylvester Jiles, 25, was caught trying to climb a 12-foot fence at Brevard County (Florida)  jail. It happened just a week after he was released following a plea deal on a manslaughter charge.

At the time, he begged jail officials to take him back into custody, saying he feared retaliation from the victim’s family. But officials refused his request, advising him to file a police report instead.

via  Man jailed for breaking into prison.

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Not surprisingly, the cops were waiting for these criminal geniuses

Police in Connecticut say they had ample warning of a bank robbery because the two suspects called the bank ahead of time and told an employee to get a bag of money ready.

via  ABC News.

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Wow! Curious George is a Holocaust survivor! Really.

Artist H.A. Rey and his writer wife, Margret, were living in Paris when the Nazis occupied France in 1940. As German Jews, the Reys knew that in order to survive they had to get out. So they began a 9-day journey by bicycle to Lisbon, sleeping in barns and begging for help along the way.

Noreen Brand with the Illinois Holocaust Museum says the Reys left Paris penniless but, among the few possessions they stuffed into their knapsacks, were the drawings and original manuscript that would later become the Curious George series.

The Reys finally made their way to freedom and settled in New York where they went on to write and illustrate the entire Curious George series.

via Local Museum Opens Curious George Exhibit – WBBM 780 – Chicago’s #1 source for local news, traffic and weather.

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Did you remember the marshmallows?

A James Bond fan fed up with drivers cutting him up on his moped invented the ultimate gadget to gain his revenge – a 15ft flamethrower.

Colin Furze, 30, from Stamford in Lincolnshire, spent a month converting the 60mph sports scooter in his back garden.

“It’s a lot of fun and when I fire the flames out the back it makes me feel just like James Bond,” said Mr Furze.

“The flames are pretty big and up to 15 feet long so you could definitely set fire to someone’s car if you wanted to.

“The only problem is it can get rather hot if you are riding the moped and blast the flames when the wind is in the wrong direction.”

via Ananova – Moped rider invents flamethrower.

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Soup Pot Hat

This Germany toddler had to be cut free from a soup saucepan after trying it on for size while watching his grandmother cooking lunch.

Paramedics were called to the family home in Eching, after frantic attempts to remove the pan with soap and then butter failed. Eventually firemen with special cutting equipment had to slice through the impromptu helmet to free the terrified toddler.

via Ananova – Firemen free toddler from soup pan.

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Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.

Bill Watterson, cartoonist, “Calvin and Hobbes”
US cartoonist (1958 – )

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Back in business: Just ignore the rumbling sound

In AD79 it was Pompeii’s most popular hang out, where locals would stop off to meet friends and partake in a snack of baked cheese smothered in honey.

Now, nearly 2000 years after the Italian city was buried under ash and rubble by the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius, its favourite snack bar has re-opened.

For the first time the thermopolium, as it is called in Italy, will be open to tourists after having undergone and excavation and restoration process over the past few months.

via Mail Online.

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More global warming in Iowa. You can tell by the snow storm.

It’s the first day of Spring so, of course, Eastern Iowa is expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow, 25 mile an hour wind and temperatures in the mid 20’s. Are the tulips blooming yet?


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“Not all crooks are dumb” (OR) “Act like you own the place”

Looking to steal a bunch of computer stuff from an office building?

1. Put on appropriate business clothing

2. Hire a cab to go to the office

3.Walk in like you own the building

4. Wait till everyone leaves

5. Gather up the loot

6. Call a cab for your getaway

Or at least that was the way a burglary was carried off in Tampa, Florida, recently. Police say  the man, who appears in several security camera videos, was in the building for at least 18 hours gathering up “computer supplies” then simply called a cab and left.

“I just find it bizarre that nobody saw this guy,” Officer Harry Augello from Tampa Police District One (said). “Probably took a nap, had a snack [when he was in there.] Nobody noticed him. We talked with the HR people, the managers, showed them the pictures, I have no idea who this is. I’ve never seen him before. That’s what I find bizarre.”

“You could see him when he grabbed the door handles, that he doesn’t leave forensics behind. He’s smart. He’s done it before.”

Why not just ask the cab company where he came from? Because the cabs there only keep a record of their drop-off points, not the pickup points.


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She looks great considering she’s a dead woman

Being dead can be a real drag, especially if you’re alive. Just ask Doris Temple, 85, a Navy veteran who learned in January that the government had declared her deceased.

Strongly suspecting an error, she protested, but not before she lost her health insurance and thousands of dollars in income – Social Security benefits as well as private insurance and pension payments. All the while, she got letters addressed to “the estate of Doris Temple,” some of which included condolences. And when she tried to rent a Walnut Creek apartment last month, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. wouldn’t hook up her utilities because, as a corpse, she had a lousy credit score.

via Woman is living proof that she’s not dead

And lest you think this is a strange isolated case: In a June 2008 report, the Social Security Administration’s inspector general called cases like Temple’s “resurrections” and said the agency could do more to help the victims, given their “serious hardships.” The report said Social Security officials had deleted 46,035 death entries from their files from January 2004 to April 2007.

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Figure eight-shaped egg…Ouch!

A hen in China has produced a soft-shelled egg in the shape of a figure eight.Eight-shaped egg

Mrs Dong, of Shijiazhuang, northern China’s Hebei province, first suspected something unusual when she heard the hen making unusual noises one night.

“I had never heard anything like it before. When I approached she stopped making the noise but as soon as I left she started again,” she said.”The next morning, I was so surprised to find the weird-shaped egg in the hen’s cage.”

via Ananova – Hen produces figure eight-shaped egg.

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