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£20,000/week for plastic toads…and you thought your city gov’t was nuts.

A (city) council is to spend £200,000 on 65 giant fibreglass toads to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of poet Philip Larkin. The oversized amphibians will be displayed at locations around Hull for 10 weeks later this year, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“This project is designed to spark interest in Larkin’s poetry among people who are made curious by the unexpected presence of their local toad,” says a Hull City Council report.The move is intended to honour Larkin’s two poems, Toads and Toads Revisited. The poet completed many of his most important works while working as a librarian at Hull University.

via Ananova – Council to honour poet with toads.

If you’re curious enough you can find Mr. Larkins toad poems here and here.

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