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Figure eight-shaped egg…Ouch!

A hen in China has produced a soft-shelled egg in the shape of a figure eight.Eight-shaped egg

Mrs Dong, of Shijiazhuang, northern China’s Hebei province, first suspected something unusual when she heard the hen making unusual noises one night.

“I had never heard anything like it before. When I approached she stopped making the noise but as soon as I left she started again,” she said.”The next morning, I was so surprised to find the weird-shaped egg in the hen’s cage.”

via Ananova – Hen produces figure eight-shaped egg.

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Robber brought down by hail of bullets groceries

An armed robber has been pelted with groceries after threatening two workers at an Ipswich convenience store with a knife.

The Courier-Mail reports the 16-year-old allegedly demanded cash from the man and woman in the shop on Grange Road, Eastern Heights about 5pm yesterday.

He tried to force open the till but was forced to flee with just cigarettes as he was hit with a stream of groceries (thrown by customers).

via  News.com.au.

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Steve Jobs: Cheese Head

Hellooooo, weirdtown! Not only did someone go through the trouble of carving a giant Steve Jobs head out of mozzarella cheese, they’ve also given detailed instructions on how to make your very own. In three varieties, no less!

via  Gizmodo.

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