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“Not all crooks are dumb” (OR) “Act like you own the place”

Looking to steal a bunch of computer stuff from an office building?

1. Put on appropriate business clothing

2. Hire a cab to go to the office

3.Walk in like you own the building

4. Wait till everyone leaves

5. Gather up the loot

6. Call a cab for your getaway

Or at least that was the way a burglary was carried off in Tampa, Florida, recently. Police say  the man, who appears in several security camera videos, was in the building for at least 18 hours gathering up “computer supplies” then simply called a cab and left.

“I just find it bizarre that nobody saw this guy,” Officer Harry Augello from Tampa Police District One (said). “Probably took a nap, had a snack [when he was in there.] Nobody noticed him. We talked with the HR people, the managers, showed them the pictures, I have no idea who this is. I’ve never seen him before. That’s what I find bizarre.”

“You could see him when he grabbed the door handles, that he doesn’t leave forensics behind. He’s smart. He’s done it before.”

Why not just ask the cab company where he came from? Because the cabs there only keep a record of their drop-off points, not the pickup points.



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