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Yosemite Sam’s Medical Afflictions

Senile Agitation is a condition which will be gaining more attention in the future, as our society is slowly increasing in its elderly population. Yosemite Sam is a violently belligerent hothead who cannot control his temper. He is more than willing to lash out at any nearby individual, which puts him squarely into the Senile Agitation category. When Sam gets angry, which is more often than not, he has a tendency to forget things and become reckless in his actions. When our elderly behave in this manner, they are commonly diagnosed with this condition.

via Medical Afflictions of the Cartoon Characters – Explained | moviesoddity.com.

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Serving on a sub? You can still smoke. You just have to step outside to do it.

The (US) Navy will ban smoking on all submarines as of December 31, bad news indeed for sailors who spend months at a time onboard the ships.

According to officials, studies have shown a high health risk due to the amount of second hand smoke on subs, thus the decision has been made to phase out the nasty habit.

via  dBTechno.

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19-year-old cat still “burning bright”

Postmen are refusing to deliver letters to a house because they are terrified of one of the residents – an elderly cat.

Ageing Tiger, who bears a striking resemblance to Postman Pat’s pet, is terrorising delivery men in Leeds to such an extent that they are now refusing to go anywhere near his cat flap

Royal Mail say the 19-year-old black and white cat, who spends most of his day napping, has attacked three postmen in the past few weeks.

More via  CAT named Tiger | Mail Online

Had a neighbor once who had a cat that would climb onto the porch roof  and drop on the mailman, biting and scratching. Big old tom named Sergeant.

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