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Sasquatch story

Today, in my email, I received a copy of a newsletter from Oregonbigfoot.com that has one of the best Sasquatch encounter stories I have seen. Whether fact or fiction it is a good read. Here’s a short excerpt:

“For several moments I just stared!  Bare, humanoid foot prints that measured just over eighteen inches in length with a stride that I, at six feet, four inches could not begin to emulate.  For me, a full stride, left and right is exactly five feet in length.  I’ve measured it time and again in my capacity as a forester.  The stride on this creature was well over eight feet in length!  That was an awesome stride!  My first inclination, after regaining mobility, was to follow them to see where they led, and, hopefully, what was making them.”

Do I believe this story? Yes, I do because of an experience that I personally had forty years ago, at night, in the forests of central Washington State. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant and doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a good read either way.

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Mantis sculpture

Yesterday we went to an exhibit of student art on our local college campus and when we were leaving we came across one of the several sculptures which are located in various areas of the campus. This nearly five feet tall praying mantis is nicely positioned in a shrubby area immediately outside a main entrance of the art gallery.

Photo credit: Oldster

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