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Attn: Parkland Library Staff

Ask Teresa if this picture reminds her of anything.



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Do you hear a rumbling sound?

This large rock (18-feet long, 12-feet high, 12-feet long) tumbled down on to the North Cascades Highway (Hwy 20, Washington State) on Sunday, June 6. No one was injured and the road was reopened later that evening.

via Rockfall on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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Irony defined: Tornado hits Oz-Stravaganza!

(Yesterday) morning a tornado ripped through the main vendor area for Oz-Stravaganza!, taking down many tents and forcing the festival to come to an early close. At the time of this post, there have been no identified injuries.

via  Oz-Stravaganza!

No reported sightings of Wicked Witch

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Ghost radio (Keep in mind this is from The Sun)

A vintage wireless radio is spooking listeners by playing sounds from World War 2 – even though it has had no power for decades.Witnesses claim they have heard Winston Churchill speeches and Glenn Miller big-band music over the SCARE-waves from the 70-year-old Pye model. But the 1940s’ set doesn’t even have a plug attached – and its interior is full of dust and cobwebs

via The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

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