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Define art: Hauling a big rock to the top of a mountain

An artist is to place a four tonne boulder on top of one of Austria’s highest mountains.

via  Quirky News | Orange UK

You’d think there would already be enough rocks up there. It is a mountain, right?

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Give a squirrel enough rope…

Arizona is spending $1.25 million to build bridges for endangered squirrels over a mountain road so they don’t become roadkill and then monitor their health. The expenditure is expected to save the lives of five squirrels a year.

The money is being spent, officials said, because cars kill about five of these squirrels each year.While most suburbanites may be baffled why anyone would protect a pesky squirrel, these are Mount Graham red squirrels, a breed once thought to be extinct. Only 250 of them are known to live near the top of Mount Graham.

The Federal Highway Administration grant will be used to build rope bridges over the lone road through the squirrels’ habitat, according to Arizona Department of Transportation

via Arizona Spends $1.25 Million on Endangered Squirrels – ABC News.

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Out of Into the mouths of babes

A Wisconsin father said curved bratwurst buns designed by his 9-year-old son earned the boy an inventor’s prize as well as some cash from selling the food.Jeremy Claxton of Chippewa Falls said his son, Sydney, who just finished third grade, came up with the idea to make buns that are curved to fit the shape of a bratwurst for an inventor’s fair at Parkview School, the Eau Claire Wis. Leader-Telegram reported Wednesday.

via Video: Boy, 9, invents better buns for brats – UPI.com.

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