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Those Ansel Adams Garage Sale Plates? Not So Much…Maybe

The mystery of the Ansel Adams garage sale negatives keeps taking on new twists, but the latest twist might have solved it once and for all.

KTVU in Oakland is reporting that a Bay Area woman named Mariam l. Walton has come forward with apparently solid proof that the photographs were not taken by Ansel Adams but her Uncle Earl. She was watching KTVU report on the story Tuesday when she suddenly saw a photograph of the Jeffrey Pine on Sentinal Dome and recognized it as a print her uncle Earl Brooks made back in 1923.

via Ansel Adams Garage Sale Mystery Apparently Solved.

There is an overlay at the above link that allows you to blink compare the two photos which the author of the post claims are identical but they are in fact not exactly the same. Note differences in the positions of smaller parts of the tree across the bottom and differences in the clouds. So the mystery continues, in my opinion, although they could have been taken with the same camera from the same spot a few minutes apart. If that is true then it looks like Uncle Earl could be our guy.

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You should own a hotel before you sell it.

An out-of-work truck driver has been jailed for five years for trying to sell London’s exclusive Ritz Hotel for £250 million.

Anthony Lee had persuaded a financier and a property dealer that he was an associate of the Barclay brothers, the hotel’s owners, reports the BBC.

In what the judge called ‘an elaborate and outrageous scam’, Lee intimated that the brothers had secret reasons for selling their hotel and wanted to do it through a third party.

via Man jailed for trying to sell The Ritz | Orange UK.

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500-Foot Tall Billboards – Stay Classy, Miami.

Miami is about to get a taste of Times Square, now that the city’s commissioners have given their okay to a plan that would erect a pair of towering electronic signs.Even though the project faced vehement opposition from some residents, the commissioners still voted 4-1 to approve the billboards, which would reach nearly 500 feet into the Miami sky.The reason? Money. The billboards will provide the city with at least $2 million a year in fees.

via  The Consumerist.

I wonder how these monstrosities will behave in a hurricane. Having a 500 foot sign fall on you could ruin your whole day.

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