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Fiftieth anniversary of DC UFO’s

There is no declared holiday to designate an event that happened fifty years ago today—the well documented appearance of multiple, formation flying UFO’s over our nation’s capitol. Fortunately Jim Harold and Clayton Morris remembered though and put up a video report on it.

If you are interested in all things unusual, paranormal and UFO related, you can’t do better than listening and watching the Paranormal Report and Jim’s other podcasts. Good stuff and you can find it all at jimharold.com . Watch, listen and give Jim a call. Tell him Oldster sent you.

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Whole wheat. Lots and lots of whole wheat.

The procedure for offloading a grain truck includes pulling into the elevator, opening the dump gate and hydraulically lifting the bed until empty. It also requires lowering the bed before driving away. The last step is critical, as illustrated here.

Unfortunately this particular driver forgot to lower the dump trailer before driving out of the stall and as a result the bed broke the dump valves for the overhead bin. The bin was full of wheat and the rest is a very messy history.

via Grain Truck FAIL.

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Elephants take beach break

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Dutch military may have to go “Dutch Treat”

The Dutch military has an unusual recruiting problem — it has too many aspiring soldiers and not enough money.The Dutch Defense Ministry said on Tuesday it will have to postpone bringing in an additional 467 recruits because budgetary constraints mean the government cannot afford to take them on this year as planned…

The Dutch military is one of the country’s more respected institutions, and the all-volunteer force regularly advertises for new soldiers in all branches. Unlike most other armed forces around the world, it is also unionized, which is why ads often promote taking a “job” with the military.

via Popular Dutch military can’t afford new recruits – Yahoo! News.

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