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100 km traffic jam…nine days and counting

Maintenance work, wrecks and broken down cars caused a nine-day traffic jam in China that stretched for more than 100 kilometres, Chinese daily newspaper The Global Times reported. The traffic jam, on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway between Beijing and Huai’an, began on August 14 when thousands of Beijing-bound coal and fruit trucks jammed the roadway . A major cause of the congestion was maintenance work on the nearby National Expressway 110, which had suffered damage from heavy vehicles.

The roadworks work forced drivers to use the Beijing-Tibet Expressway instead. Coupled with several minor accidents and broken down cars, traffic has now been stranded on the expressway for the past nine days.

The traffic jam is expected to last for almost a month with maintenance work on the National Expressway 110 (is) not due to be finished until September 13.

via News.com.au

400 police officers have been assigned to the 100 km stretch to maintain order.


August 23, 2010 - Posted by | accident messes, Cars, cops

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